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It’s Thursday night, half past eleven. With my mathematics course for me I sit to yawn incessantly. One floor lower my parents in their bed. Sleepy I work down to a minute to take one last time the material Roman law by a question about trigonometric functions. For the past week I have every night until after eleven o’clock worked for school. Tomorrow I have three repeat tests. And this weekend will be just as busy as it should be finished two presentations and group work.
I’m in the fourth year ASO Science – Mathematics, and of course I have not always much work as described above. But the evenings when I have more than an hour of free time, have become scarce. Many of my friends have had to give up hobbies because they could no longer combine with school.

Compared with the energy that I put in studying, I don’t have something left from it. And that’s a shame.
General Secondary Education has as a function to provide the broadest possible basis with. Although I am almost continuously busy with school, I did not feel like I’ve learned so much over the years. Ask me anything about the geography curriculum of the third year and I stand with my mouth full of teeth. Compared with the energy that I put in studying,  I don’t have something left from it.
When an exam is done, only the subject matter of the following box counts. The material that we have a few days earlier in desperate crammed, has completely disappeared into the background. Virtually all the details, I have immediately after the exam already forgotten. And when my younger nephew comes to me two years later to ask if I can help him with chemicals, or wants to question his about history, I notice that I know almost nothing about.
And that’s a shame. Is our way of teaching is efficient and cost effective when more than three quarters of the material ends up in our short-term memory? We are during the school year or encouraged to repeat, but everyone knows that a few actually do it. Should not we urgently need to find a different way of teaching? One way of teaching which indeed is efficient and profitable, which ensures that we in the long term there is much more to do?
Now take the language courses. Should language learning should not be much more practical? Because compared to the number of hours we put into it, few have the feeling that they after their humanities can really good French. We have the box however be about three to five hours per week. With modern technology, we would do it at least an hour should be able to spend with Skype? With French-speaking schools for example. Learning a language by speaking with Francophones seems more sensible than translating phrases and words to learn in your workbook.
School will not appeased my thirst for knowledge.
I have always been eager to learn, but I feel that school can not really excite me, can motivate. My motivation is to work for school to satisfy my parents, to not be doing my year, to keep future options open as much as possible. My motivation is not a hunger for knowledge, while it should be correct. Or let me put it another school will not appeased my thirst for knowledge. The things I learn in school are undoubtedly important, but often I manage to see the usefulness of it. History, language, religion, aesthetics … I find it all very interesting, and I’m still a big part of the curriculum simply without thinking outside block.
Why is that eight out of ten still makes me glad I do not know. It’s a sign that I have learned well, confirming that there is nothing wrong with my memory, that I am able to think. We learn that eight out of ten is good, a six and a four mediocre substandard. Points seem all that is important, no one who wonders whether all that we also study actually learned something.
That figure oriented motivation seems to me entirely wrong. It is so important that young people be motivated to want to learn really, and not to satisfy their parents, or simply to be the best of the class. Learning should be no obligation, charge or penalty, but something we love to do. After all, we are twelve years in school, we can still try to make something more of that period?
Our society is changing very fast, but education does not seem to change with it.
Teachers should keep their curricula and that seems the most important thing. That the students are able to lead an independent, healthy lives and to society when they leave high school, seems irrelevant.
That these goals are not working, I’m surprised to be honest.
Learning to learn, social skills, civic education, environmental and health education. They are all beautiful goals – and very important – but apparently difficult to achieve. After five years of high school wrestling, many still with our study methodology, we still know far too little about current politics and I find that peers often prefer the paper of their cake leave on the ground, then they run twenty meters into the trash.
That these goals are not working, I’m surprised to be honest. Teachers do not know how those skills and attitudes to deal with because they involve more than their defined field. And you can not stick figure.
So I think that our educational system is in urgent need of change. More permanent evaluation and repetition, fewer marathon blocks to forget quickly. That is much more meaningful. And if you want to motivate students to learn, then you have to show them why learning is so important, and how wonderful it is to know a lot. You have to let them work on projects wherever they can be proud of in retrospect, rather than presenting them bite-sized chunks of material that they can not completely place in the world.
Curricula should make us curious and open up a new world, instead of us just do sigh.
You should not expect that students naturally understand the usefulness of the material. Teachers should just stabbing much more energy in doing realize that utility and what you can achieve. By learning more enjoyable. Curricula should make us curious and open a new world to do, instead of us just do groan about the number of pages to be blocked by tomorrow.The end of my high school career gradually comes into view. Big changes, I will not live to see. But for people like my younger nephew, I hope that he will look at school, just as for holiday.


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