Reality dream

I am on my way to Amsterdam with my school. I just saw something that I knew from somewhere. 

I saw a fabrick  with blue letters on the right side of the highway.  

I was strange because I thought it didn’t excist. I dreamed that I passed it when my family and I were in the car on our way from Belgium to German for christmas shopping. 

It is strange to me for dreaming something that actually excist. You can compare it with people. You think you saw or knew them before but you don’t know from where. It’s kind of the same. 

I had a dream that someone had murder other people in a small house on a way were a lot of cars passed. Last summer I went to my mom and when I went back to my dad I saw a little house on my way. It was a small house but it had something, the mysterie. Till I remembered the dream… That was it. I thought I knew the house but I only dreamed about it. 

I live behind a church. So there was that one night that I needed to go for a walk with my dog. I always walk around the curch. This time there only was one difference. It was in the middle of the night and there was no light. So I walked and I saw something in the middle of cemetry. I walked behind it and it was juste  a man standing there. I ran home. I was so scared. When I walk by it now I always look off some strange man is standing there … 

Do you know what I mean? Or do you have such dreams or rear stuff ? 

Let me know! 



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