Today was the first day I felt like the summer was coming. The day when it is warm enough to wear shorts with a cold drink and barbecue. The perfect day to spend time with your family or friends. Just the people you love.

When it becomes warmer I always have many ideas I can do during the summer holidays. It is summer, time to spend some time for yourself or with friend, time to do something, not to just sit there and do anything. That is not called summer holiday.

Last summer I went to my second festival. It was beautiful weather, drank and great music with friends. What do you need more on a festival? I learned to listen to music I didn’t knew. There are people I certainly want to do that again this summer.

I had my first holiday work in a restaurant. I had the perfect age to start. The first day was exciting. The fifth day I worked with someone I didn’t work with before.  That guy was amazing, a few weeks later we were a couple so the days we had to work we worked together. You can imagine what is was like. It was all nice till I had mononucleosis, also called ‘kiss disease’ .

Not far from my home there were a couple of events. So of course I went with friends. There were music places, food and drank stalls and other things.

There was one artist who charmed me with his music. That day were stood in the first row and sang all the songs with him, we yelled as loud as we could, we actually were having fun. They threw a few of picks. A friend caught one. We were so happy we caught it. That pick would remind us on that day for the rest of our lives. I wanted to go to many other performance of him. But i couldn’t… He died on the last of the year. I cried that day even if I only met him once. He was a great man! I only met him too late.

My conclusion is that summer is a period to do things you like with the people you love. Make memories, live while you can, have fun!

I want to do many other things this summer,but i can always use some ideas. What did you or what want you to do this summer? Let me know.


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